XSigma will aim to give the Company the ability to develop innovative solutions to support its core operations while exploring new opportunities in the fields of smart contracts, distributed ledgers, supply chain management, and other efficiencies afforded by blockchain architecture. Blockchain is a technical phenomenon with the ability to dramatically reduce cost and heighten services by automatically and permanently recording transactions, in the cloud, with complete transparency, solving numerous problems in documentation, contracts, data and content management, and manufacturing. The Company is currently reviewing candidates for leadership roles of the new subsidiary.

The formation of XSigma is preceded by ZK International's recently announced strategic investments from globally recognized blockchain experts, Antanas Guoga and Layla Dong.

XSigma has signed a exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with TNT Blockchain Inc. to implement its patent pending software and blockchain technologies into its manufacturing process and supply chain management system.

TNT Blockchain’s patent pending technologies, are focused on streamlining three distinct areas of manufacturing within the supply chain which includes: Track-n-Trace Technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) Devices, and Blockchain Technology.

Track-n-Trace ("TNT") is designed to improve the traceability and inventory systems of small-to-medium sized manufacturing companies to track raw materials and finished goods at the source, supplier, or factory, through the entire supply chain to the customer. By combining the TNT with the IoT devices, every device within the manufacturing process is registered on the Blockchain to create a digital identity, which cannot be manipulated. Finally, the Blockchain technology would provide transparency and security, as permissions and identity the technology would require will ensure the appropriate visibility of transactions.

TNT Blockchain is led by President David Christensen, who has over 25 years experience in building manufacturing and supply chain companies. Mr. Christensen is a "Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma", which is a recognized expert in Global Strategy Deployment with unique expertise in Global Supply Chain, POS Systems and Security, Logistics, Freight, Distribution, Inventory, Service Repairs, CRM, Customer Service and Call Center. Additionally, his International team includes industry experts in Engineering, IT Hardware, ERP Applications, Security Management, as well as Marketing and PR. He has previously worked for companies such as Compaq, HP, Cal Cartage, Qualcomm, Wal-Mart International, Rexnord Carlyle, Hypercom, and Verifone.