ZK International’s Mission is to

Supply the Next Generation in China with Clean Water through Innovative, High-Quality and Reliable Water Piping Infrastructure.

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ZK International Group (NASDAQ: ZKIN)

Customized Products to
Fit Your Project Needs

We have the expertise to tailor the specification of our products, providing clients with environmentally friendly and safe water and gas pipeline networks.

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Successfully Supplied

Nearly 2,000 Projects

We are proud to have supplied some of the biggest national landmark construction projects in China including the China Pavilion of Shanghai Expo, Beijing National Aquatics Center "The Water Cube", Beijing National Stadium "The Bird's Nest", and Beijing International Airport.

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Strong Competitive Advantages

Our competitive advantages enable us to maintain and further increase our position in the pipe and fitting manufacture industry. They include solution-oriented products and services, an integrated supply chain and more.

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